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John Buncle & Son were makers of chaff cutters and other agricultural implements. From humble beginnings to eventually merge with Commando Industries in 1950.

This book has such a wealth of information about John Buncle’s family history and his progression in the agricultural machinery industry. Buncle was born in 1822. He was educated in private schools also serving apprenticeships in both engineering and pianoforte making. He worked for some years in the railways employed as a designer of steam engines and locomotives. Eventually, he and his wife emigrated to Victoria in 1852 where he seemed to flourish.

He was the type of man who could turn his hand to anything. A very intelligent, practical and hard working man, his projects were many and very successful. Business thrived. His eldest son, Alfred, was the other partner in the John Buncle & Son enterprise.

John Buncle made huge changes and improvements in the chaff cutting industry. Through the pages of this book can be seen his multitude of achievements and accomplishments. Not only is it filled with many interesting facts, but also numerous photos of advertisements and the actual machinery he developed.

It’s quite amazing to see the development and improvement of the machinery he was involved in. Above all, this book is very detailed and accurate. It makes for great reference material for any one interested in old agricultural machinery mid 1800’s to early 1940’s. Definitely worth purchasing.

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