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WG Barger & Son were Disc Cultivator Manufacturers. Disc cultivators were their mainstay but they also diversified into many aspects of farm machinery and implements to try and make farming more efficient and profitable.

This book contains an historical record of the William G Barger family. From his birth in 1855 in England until his death in 1931 when the Barger & Son company was dissolved. On immigrating from England, the family first settled in Bendigo where their company began.

They eventually moved to Melbourne. Around 1930, WG Barger & Son sold the patents for their implements to the HV McKay Massey Harris business.

Contained in the pages of this book are copies of original advertisements from newspapers, catalogues and other sources.This book is easy to read and filled with other interesting information. A great wealth of information can be found in it’s pages.

There was fierce competition in the world of farm machinery and implement manufacturers such as these.

For further reading on farm machinery manufacturers of a similar era, the following books may prove to be very interesting and informative as well. Hugh Lennon Plow & Machinery Co.and T Robinson & Co.

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