Sunshine Harvester Works H.V McKay (1884-1955)



H.V McKay Sunshine Harvester Works was researched and compiled by Ken Arnold. It covers the years 1884 – 1955 and the development of the Sunshine Harvester.

Additionally, it is an historical record of the William and Hannah (nee Breaky) McKay family. They immigrated from Northern Ireland arriving in Melbourne, Victoria 1852. Hugh Victor was the grandson of this couple. An interesting introduction to this book and to the character of Hugh McKay.

Hugh did not enjoy the harvest season. It was very intense, heavy and tedious work involved to harvest a crop successfully. Consequently, he started to experiment in the early 1880’s to create a machine capable of harvesting, thrashing, winnowing and bagging the grain. Due to his determination and inventive mind, he finally did it. McKay registered his first patent in 1885 titled “Improvements in and connecting with harvesting machines”. The rest as they say, is history! Here it all is!

Not only is H.V McKay Sunshine Harvester Works (1884 – 1955) a thorough historical record of the impact this man had in the farm implement manufacturing industry in Australia but the pages are filled with photos, old advertisements and many pages extracted from their catalogues of the period. It includes images of just about every horse-drawn farm implement that Sunshine made.

Buy this book – it is great value, very easy to read and well set out. Sunshine Harvester Works  H.V McKay is excellent reference material and therefore we highly recommend it to those interested in the history and development of farm machinery.

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