‘Wooden Hub Wheels’



‘Wooden Hub Wheels’ is the final publication in ‘The Secrets of Wheelwrighting’ collection researched and collated by Mike Hendrikson. 255 pages in length with clear illustrations and photos to demonstrate techniques used to craft the wooden hub wheels.

Textbooks were never written or required to be a wheelwright in bygone years. It was a trade either learnt in a family business, or being indentured to a Master in a wheelwright’s shop. Hence the need for this old trade to be kept alive in print for those who wish to restore or create old wooden spoked wheels.

In the ‘Wooden Hub Wheels’ book, Mike has tried to be analytical with a scientific approach. A method of trying to make allowances for the variables which come when working with timber and experience of the maker. Timber varies in quality and type. Style of wheel being built also makes a difference.

When you’re keen to learn and need to have a go yourself, study this book and follow it closely to achieve your best results. It’s one of the most comprehensive and accurate wheelwrighting books available.

Partnered with this book is the publication ‘Tyres’, in the ‘Secrets Of Wheelwrighting’ collection. This companion book is definitely worth purchasing. ‘Tyres’ is going out of print and very few copies are available, so be sure not to miss out and buy the complete set now.

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