‘Training Workhorses & Training Teamsters’



‘Training Workhorses & Training Teamsters’ by LR MIller. Not only is this a text combining two books in one, but it also includes 482 photographs and hundreds of drawings.

This text covers the subjects of; training horses to work in harness – on the farm, in the woods, and on the road.Additionally, it also educates and advises in correcting behavior problems with work horses – and training people to drive and work horses.

There are many different methods and approaches to training training horses for work harness and teamwork. ‘Training Horses & Training Teamsters’ is very comprehensive.Clear illustrations and photos support the text thus making it easier to follow.

‘Training Workhorses & Training Teamsters’ is often used in conjunction with another text by Lyn Miller called ‘Workhorse Handbook’.

On a related subject, we have other books that maybe of interest. The Lyn Miller books are full of relevant information – see “Work Horse Handbook” a very informative and easy to read publication.

Another excellent book is the ‘A Century of the Clydesdale Horse in Queensland’ Vol 2

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