The Secrets of Wheelwrighting – ‘Timber Bending’



The Secrets of Wheelwrighting – ‘Timber Bending’ is a companion book to ‘Wooden Hub Wheels’ and ‘Tyres’. Publications written and researched by Mike Hendrikson.

Altogether, a very comprehensive guide as to how to bend solid timber with steam. There are lot of variables that need to be considered. Not only is a good knowledge required as to the species and quality of timber but also, not all timbers are suitable. Different timbers behave quite differently. The project intended for the bent timber also needs to be considered. After all, the stresses it may be under make a difference.

When you’re keen to learn and need to have a go yourself, study this book and follow it closely to achieve your best results. It’s one of the most comprehensive and accurate timber bending ‘how to do’ books available.

A must for anyone involved or working with timber in creative ways. Have a go – you won’t know how unless you try!

Partnered with this book are the publications ‘Tyres’ and ‘Wooden Hub Wheels‘ in the ‘Secrets Of Wheelwrighting’ collection. These companion books are definitely worth purchasing. ‘Tyres’ and ‘Timber Bending’ are going out of print and very few copies are available, so be sure not to miss out and buy the complete set now.

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