Sock Guards



Sock Guards are used to prevent hay, grass seeds, sawdust and similar stuff from attaching to your socks and getting in your boots. They are made of 100% cotton fabric with novelty print designs and come as a pair. Using mainly horse print designs, we also diversify a bit and have tractor themed designs as well.

There are several names for Sock Guards. Namely, sock savers, boot protectors, burr guards, gaiters, sock protectors, overshoes and I’m sure there are other names they are known by. They are great for use in the garden, mowing, job sites and hiking to name a few. They generally cover the lace-up area of the boots. Therefore preventing unwanted debris from getting in your boots via that way.

These sock guards are handmade and all a little different. Being of good quality fabric and well made, they are very durable. One size fits all. Child sized ones are also available.

Designs do change and may vary a bit. So, if you don’t see a design you fancy, please email me for other alternatives which may be available. One size fits all and they can be made to order.

Perhaps a Towel Set or Horse Mug of some kind would be more to your liking.

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Additional information

Weight 35 g
Dimensions 20 × 22 × 1 cm

Donkeys, Gold Horses, Heavy Horses, Machinery, Playful Horses, Red Tractors


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