Plush Clydesdale – Drover



Plush Clydesdale – Drover at (36cm) tall is the tallest member of a family of three plush Clydesdale horses. These look-alike plush soft toys are made by Bocchetta in Indonesia. Definitely look like a Clydesdale. Clyde (18cm) and Rimsky (33cm) are proportioned realistically. They are very well made, strong and durable. Able to withstand the roughest treatment especially that of a child who loves their toy a great deal and has it as their constant companion.

Drover, Rimsky and Clyde come with a full set of harness including collar, winkers, backband and chains – just like a real horse would wear when working on the farm. The harness on Drover is fixed so it won’t come off. They can all stand alone having sturdy and stable legs.

Easy to fall in love with, Plush Clydesdale – Drover is soft and cuddly too. View Clyde and Rimsky too and be tempted.

There is also a very realistic resin figurine of these beautiful Clydesdales in the Collecta range of toys which we also carry.

When you can’t have the real thing, these beauties are a great alternative.¬† After the initial purchase price there are no other expenses, Cheap to feed, easy to look after and always ways behaves.

A great investment so buy one today and enjoy! A purchase you won’t regret as they are so appealing and very popular. A plush toy which actually looks like the type of horse it’s supposed to look like!

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Additional information

Weight 501 g
Dimensions 38 × 15 × 46 cm


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