Personalised Towel Sets



Personalised Towel Sets are exactly that. They are towels with a decorative, horsey themed trim sewn on to the towel. Being handmade, these sets are therefore unique as no two are the same.

Have your own unique Towel Sets made by simply choosing what items you would like in your set. With this in mind, choose from Bath Towel, Bath Sheet, Hand Towel or Face Washer to make-up any combination you wish. Towels may also be bought separately or individually. Price varies depending on the combination of items.

Choose a colour you would like to have in your towel and we can add some horsey trim that best suits your chosen colour. Email us with your request and we can create your Personalised Towel Set.

This Lavender 4 Piece Towel Set is an example of our Personalised Towel Sets.

Good quality towels are used. The fabric used in the trim is 100% cotton and wears well. Colours and designs do change and may vary a bit. So, if you don’t see a design you fancy, please email me for other alternatives which may be available.

Perhaps  Sock Guards or a Horse Mug of some kind would be more to your liking.

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Additional information

Weight 1230 g
Dimensions 37 × 28 × 14 cm


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