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Joseph Nicholson arrived in Melbourne during 1951. At that time he was building drays and waggons. During 1853, J Nicholson & Co. was formed.

On the formation of his new company, Nicholson began producing agricultural implements. From hay rakes to horse powered chaff cutter and winnowing machines.He also manufactured corn drills, mowing and reaping machines, side delivery mower and the list grows.

J Nicholson & Co produced their first harvester around late 1873. As with most agricultural machinery manufacturers of that time, there was fierce competition. Great diversity in products manufactured was very necessary to keep abreast of changes in the industry.One of their specialties was the Nicholson Mallee stump jump disc harrow.

Unfortunately, Joseph Nicholson died unexpectedly in a buggy accident in 1879. His son, William, continued running the business.

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