Hot / Cold Plush Unicorns



Hot / Cold Plush Unicorns are just so very soft and cuddly. These plush unicorns can be heated or chilled depending on what’s required. To heat, simply place in the microwave. They’ll be ready in a minute or so and hold their heat for such a long time – so effective. Alternatively, to chill, place in the freezer until you’re happy with the temperature. Good for children with a fever as they’ll be happy to snuggle into it’s coolness.

Being dual purpose makes these Hot / Cold Plush Unicorns a lot more useful than just being a cuddly toy too. Great for adults to use too – suitable for any age.

Because they are made of supersoft plush materials, their softness makes them so nice to snuggle into.

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Additional information

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 11 × 15 × 26 cm

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