‘Horsedrawn Tillage Tools’



‘Horsedrawn Tillage Tools’ by Lynn R. Miller is his newest addition to an already ambitious Work Horse Library. Hot on the heels of the tremendously successful Plows and Haying with horses books. This volume lives up to the standard by offering an exhaustive collection of information on the art of tillage and cultivation. Additionally, it gives understanding of the practical applications of these tools.

The author also gives an overview of modern innovations in the horsedrawn implement world. He writes about the adaptions and updates of older implements as they improve and become more efficient for farm useage.

Additionally, ‘Horsedrawn Tillage Tools’ has over a thousand illustrations of discs, harrows, harrow carts, rollers, culti-packers, single row cultivators, straddle row cultivators, and unusual derivatives. This book has 368 pages and is a soft cover edition.

On a related subject, we have other books that maybe of interest. The Lyn Miller books are full of relevant information – see ‘The Horsedrawn Mower Book’ and  ‘Horse Drawn Plows & Plowing’. Both very informative and easy to read publications.

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Weight 945 g
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