‘Early Australian Windmills & Water Carts’



‘Early Australian Windmills & Water Carts’ also includes early water troughs. This is another unique book from our Ken Arnold collection. A very weighty hardcover volume of 358 pages crammed full of photos, illustrations and other information. Contained in the pages of this book are copies of original advertisements from newspapers, catalogues and other sources. A great wealth of information can be found in it’s pages – great reference material.

Additionally, it gives some insight as to the farm machinery and associated equipment used by our pioneers. In their endeavour to settle and successfully farm their land, When one thinks about the development of the windmill, it is quite an amazing feat. There’s so much involved in it’s mechanics – it’s not just a wheel turning in the breeze!

The development of water carts is quite fascinating, as are the early methods of irrigation techniques. There were alot more trough manufacturers than mentioned in this book as any tinsmith or plumber would offer them amongst their wares. A great wealth of information can be found in the pages of  ‘Early Australian Windmills & Water Carts’ – great reference material.

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