Cobb and Co Western Run



Cobb & Co Western Run is the second book of three in the ‘Along the Tracks of Cobb & Co’ collection. The Western Run includes Brisbane to Toowoomba, Roma and Charleville in the 1800’s to early 1900’s. This book was published in 2022. It was researched and compiled by Hazel Johnson.

It depicts the history of Cobb & Co and development of the Postal Service in Australia concentrating on the Western Run.

There are other two other books in the “Along the Tracks of Cobb and Co.” collection which Hazel Johnson has also researched and compiled. Great reference material.

Book 1, the Great Northern Road, covers Tenterfield to Warwick  – 1800’s to early 1900 was also Published in 2022.

Book 3, Cobb’s Coach Drivers concentrates on the drivers and their various driving experiences and contains an alphabetical listing of all the drivers..

Another book of historical significance and loaded with interesting information is “A Century of the Clydesdale Horse in Queensland” Book 2, compiled and researched by Ian Stewart-Koster, published by the Commonwealth Clydesdale Horse Society.

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